The Tech Travel Agent Concept

August 9, 2011

The Tech Travel Agent© Concept started over 10 years ago by The idea was to help customers consolidate multivendor invoicing, coordinate multivendor activities while providing lower prices than if you went to all those vendors yourself. A Tech Travel Agent© speaks AV, Staging, Lighting and Computer Rentals just as a regular travel agent speaks hotel, car rentals and air fares.

A Tech Travel Agent© is your personal technology procurement agent, nationwide, worldwide. Wherever you travel, you can be assured that the technology you need will be installed and operating as planned with only 1 point of contact… your Tech Travel Agent©.

Tech Travel Agents©  are trained and managed by a team of technology rental industry professionals. They know how hard your job can be when you are put in charge of a project involving computers, copiers, projectors, audio visual equipment and other technologies.

Let your Tech Travel Agent© assist you from the initial detailed quotation, through delivery, installation and finally, scheduled on-time pickup of the equipment.

A Tech Travel Agent©  does all the work. They take care of the logistics of any temporary or permanent technology installation.

“With service to over 1000 cities worldwide, you only need one Tech Travel Agent©  to help you with any technology requirement anywhere for any length of time.”

“Booking technology is fast and easy. But the best part is great service!” – Bradley Johnson, Software Trainer

To book technology rental with a Tech Travel Agent, go to:

To book technology with a Tech Travel Agent from, go to:


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