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February 3, 2012

With Facebook being such a big player in the social media marketing world, its important for our clients to have Facebook pages to help promote business and traffic. Every business, no matter how small, should have a Facebook page. In the next few years Facebook is expected to be an extremely important tool for marketing. Because of this, Xponex Media manages a number of Facebook pages for our clients and does a variety of marketing for a variety of different industries on these pages.

Our Featured Client Facebook Pages

Small and Medium Business NewsSMBNow – Small and Medium Business News
SMB Now is a premier news site designed to help small and medium businesses get their news and press releases distributed on the web. By integrating their Facebook page to their website, we extend the reaches of their featured SMB news articles and press releases to more readers and help increase interest in the articles. Thus increasing website traffic and gaining more interest from other SMBs to distribute their news as well.
SMBNow on Facebook

Technology Rentals WordlwideRentacomputer – Technology Rentals Worldwide
Rentacomputer.com is a computer and AV rental company that offers its services worldwide. They specialize in rentals for events like conventions and trade shows. By utilizing a Facebook page as an outlet for news and information regarding rentals, Rentacomputer gets an increased number of leads and interest in rentals.
Rentacomputer on Facebook

Security CamerasCamera Security Now – Security Camera Systems
Camera Security Now is a nationwide CCTV security camera and video surveillance company. They offer top of the line security camera systems, installation and tech support. Using a Facebook page allows Camera Security Now to spread news about products, specials and more. Facebook posts can help increase exposure and produce leads to increase sales.
Camera Security Now on Facebook

Computer and AV RentalsTech Travel Agent – One point of contact for technology rentals
Tech Travel Agent is a technology procurement company that uses a concept of a travel agent, but for technology equipment. They take care of all the logistics, booking the equipment rental, delivery, installation, support, and pickup all with one point of contact: a Tech Travel Agent. Having a Facebook page allows Tech Travel Agent to gain a following and spread informative news about rentals.
Tech Travel Agent on Facebook

Middletown,Ohio NewsMiddletown USA – Middletown, Ohio news
MUSA is a local news website for Middletown, Ohio. Their focus is to deliver important news happening in the area as well as encouraging discussion about these topics with other members of the community. By offering the latest in news , Middletown USA can use Facebook as a great outlet for releasing their news about business, government, schools, community, sports and more to the community and any other interested persons. Its like having two different ways of distributing local news!
MiddletownUSA on Facebook

Tech Army of Installers, Engineers and TechniciansTech Army Organization – Installers, Engineers and Technicians
The Tech Army is a large database of technology installers, engineers and technicians. They have members stationed in just about every city in the united states and collaborate to give customers the best service possible. The Tech Army utilizes Facebook to spread news about what is going on in the forum or to introduce new members. Its a great way to find companies interested in joining the Tech Army as well as reaching companies that are interested in using their services.
Tech Army on Facebook

Nationwide Computer and Networking ServicesComputer Service Now – Computer and Networking Service Nationwide
Computer Service Now is an organization of computer and network professional. They offer a wide variety of services that surround the computer and network industry by dispatching local technicians, installers and engineers to clients who have technical issues or need help setting up a network. Facebook is another way of getting their name out and increasing the company’s exposure. Facebook helps Computer Service Now increase leads and find people who are interested in their technical services.
Computer Service Now on Facebook

Monroe, Ohio NewsMain Street Monroe – Monroe, Ohio news
Like MiddletownUSA, Main Street Monroe is a local news site that offers the latest in Monroe, Ohio news and discussion. With their unique forum called “The Voice” many community members discuss topics involving Monroe and other local areas. Main Street Monroe’s Facebook page is used as another outlet for distributing their news. Additionally, Facebook posts increase interest and encourage more discussion on The Voice, especially for hot topics and heated debates.
Main Street Monroe on Facebook

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