The Tech Army Organization Upgrade

December 15, 2012

Middletown, Ohio: Xponex Media released an upgrade to the Tech Army Organization site yesterday.

This new easier to understand website features an endless scrolling list of the hundreds of member companies. These member companies employ thousands of technology installers, technicians, and engineers who work throughout the United States, Canada and parts of Europe.

The objective of the Tech Army  Organization is to assist member companies in obtaining leads, referrals and orders from this website and lead generating vendors.

“You’re on a mission and you have no time to waste, the new website should be easier for our multi-missioned traffic to understand.” – Xponex Marketing Stated Objective by Adam W. Lewis

Now, when you visit the new website you know just what path to take based on your personal mission.

If you need a tech you can find a tech. And if you are a tech, you can enlist your technical services in the Tech Army Organization.

Other features include:

The Tech Army News and Talk Forum. Where you can hear the latest technical news and discussion. Also membership news will be announced here.

The Tech Army Organization Store features products for techs and customers alike. Including Just Back From Rental Equipment where you can save over new. Great for special projects or tight budgets.

The Tech Army Blog is our Opinion on the latest technology trends. And Tech Army Organization announcements.

Links to The Tech Army Organization social pagesGoogle+ Facebook Twitter

Membership Login for leads, referrals and orders. This is the portal to and from your personal account with the Tech Army Organization.

Designed by Josh Hamm, Programmed by Adam Lewis, Assisted by Kyle Thompson and Andy Wendt.


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