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Our Blogging Services

Xponex can host, write, and routinely post blog posts for your business. Our posts will boost your SEO ranking, promote your social media accounts, and link back to your main website so that customers can purchase your products or services after reading.

Blogging Strategies

Our blogging strategy is simple: we look at your goals and help you choose the most effective blogging method. Every one of our blog posts is created with fresh content, built-in links, keywords and tags in order to boost your post's ranking on search engines like Google. Using these tools will put you at the top of the results list when someone searches for a product or service you offer.

Why Blogging Is Important

Blogging is a great way to build your business’s online presence. With a blog, you can post about new products, policies or ideas, and demonstrate the value of your business or service. Blogs are ideal for educating customers and for helping you with SEO.

Let Us Handle All of your Blogging Initiatives

From the ground up!

  • Keyword Research

    Search engine optimization for your blog begins with keyword research. It's important to know what keyword and phrase searches you want to take advantage of. If your business is selling toys, then it's important to optimize your blog to use keywords that people who are looking to buy toys might use. Creating diverse keywords that get you greater visibility is something to keep in mind when creating blog content. Xponex can help you determine what keywords and phrases to target through keyword research.

  • Fresh Content

    One of the most important elements of maintaining a good search rank is to create relevant blog content on a consistent basis. By creating this content, search engines will recognize that your website has more value and is well-managed. Xponex can help you create this content on a regular basis or consult you on the best ways to create useful and fresh content.

  • Link Building

    Links are the building blocks of an optimized website. They are a key component in determining how relevant a website may be. What's more important is the quality of the links that your website has. Getting links from trusted and high-ranking websites adds value to your link profile. They tell search engines that other trusted websites think you have some relevant value and in turn make your website rank higher. Xponex can help you find ways to build your link profile with quality links.

  • Social Media Initiatives

    These days it's imperative for your business to be active on the top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest, and Linkedin. These channels offer marketing opportunities that businesses can leverage into sales. Xponex can help manage your social media accounts and help promote your business through these channels in coordination with your blog.

Blogging by Xponex

Southwest Ohio Blogging Services

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  • With Xponex's blogging service, your business's online presence will thrive. You will get quality content in front of your customers. You will build links to help your SEO efforts, possibly rank higher in search engines, have more site visits, and make your website more accessible.

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