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Digital Marketing Consultation

Providing Insight

At Xponex Marketing, it is our mission to understand your business goals and help you move toward them with every decision you make, including your website design and layout.

Our years of experience across several industry sectors allows us to provide unique insights to clients in many different markets regardless of company and scope. We will meet with you to fully understand your vision and then provide insights that will allow you to bring that vision to life.

Website Strategy

With a website consultation, we will provide you with a detailed roadmap that leads from where you are with your current site to where you want to be. Our experienced Web Team can help you plan everything from UI design to web content strategy to ensure that you are making the most of your efforts.

Custom site plans can be tailored for product launch sites, special event sites, or everyday business websites. Xponex will consider SEO, content, layout, and many other factors that will set your site apart from your competition.

Analytics Made Easy

Our extensive background in website user analytics allows us to give you a full breakdown of your current site traffic. Want to know why users are drawn to certain pages on your site and not others? Xponex will help you fully understand the choices your website users are making, then use that data to help you increase overall site traffic. We will take the mystery out of your everyday site traffic and use it as a tool to grow your business on the web.


SEO is an elaborate subject, and it can be difficult to understand how your website and/or business can benefit from the several different types of SEO services we offer. To better understand how your website performs, we offer a FREE website audit! Our website audit will give you a glimpse into what kind of improvements your website could gain from.

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Comprehensive Digital Marketing Analysis

After receiving our FREE website audit, you may realize that your website could gain from our SEO services. To further understand where and what your website is lacking, we can provide a comprehensive digital marketing analysis. This analysis will assist us in developing a road map to optimize your website and all its content by creating off page strategies, which helps bring you more business! Completion of the road map can be handled by our team of experienced developers or with your inhouse staff, whichever you prefer.

Digital Marketing Analysis - Starting at $499


A Few Examples

Of Really Cool Stuff We've Done


    When a national manufacturing plant needed a solution for checking-in, routing, and loading its trucks - they hired Xponex. We analyzed the situation and came up with a set of custom applications that allow truck drivers to annouce their arrival from their trucks and have a shipping coordinator verify their load information and send that back to the driver with instructions on where within the plant to go.

  • Sports Leagues

    Sports leagues need a way to quickly get information to players, parents, and spectators. We have worked with a variety of adult and youth sports leagues to provide systems that allow for scheduling, news, and roster information to be updated by coaches quickly and sent to players and parents as soon as possible.


    When working in the field, home inspectors need tools to document all aspects of a home. This documentation needs to include not only descriptions, but also photos and rating systems that can allow for proper appraisal if needed. Xponex Media has developed several custom home inspection software applications that allow field agents to quickly get their work done, office personnel to efficentially use reports for underwriting, and home owners to view reports and have peace of mind knowing the condition that their home is in.

What Separates Us From The Rest

At Xponex Marketing, we don't just go blindly into a project and make a piece of software. We take the time to sit down with our clients and fully understand what problems they're having and what their goals are. By assessing their entire company we are able to identify the most cost effective solution to save the customer time, and money.

Adam Lewis

Vice President of Operations
Xponex Marketing

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