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Drone Footage


Getting innovative video content has never been easier. Our drone service offers collecting footage from a new perspective that is sure to capture people's attention. Whether you want footage of your office building, real estate properties, construction site, or anything else, our drone's will produce stunning recordings that can be used to market your brand.

Marketing & Advertising

With such footage, you will have the content to advertise your business in a variety of ways such as customized marketing videos, event/product advertising, and images for print. We can post such content on your website and social media page(s) so your customers can see the captivating aerial views instead of the common ground shots that limit both perspective and landscape.

Professional Editing

Not only do we offer the service of recording drone footage, but we can also edit any footage to fit all your needs! Our industry leading equipment and expertise in video editing allows us to give you the most out of every shot we take.

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What Separates Us From The Rest

At Xponex Marketing, we don't just go blindly into a project and make a piece of software. We take the time to sit down with our clients and fully understand what problems they're having and what their goals are. By assessing their entire company we are able to identify the most cost effective solution to save the customer time, and money.

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