Do We Use WordPress?

WordPress Website Development

The short answer is no. The long answer is: we can, have, and will if it makes sense for our customer's needs. We typically find that a customer doesn't need a WordPress site and the benefits of not using one far outweigh the reasons they think they may want one.

This comes up almost daily. Someone will call and inquire about our website services and ask what platform we develop in or, more specifically, whether we use WordPress. They are usually asking this for one of two reasons - either they've been told by another developer that WordPress is what they use, or they've done their own research and want to be able to update their own website after it is built. To this, I explain why we very rarely develop in WordPress.

We sell managed websites. Our customers, for the most part, don't want to update their website - they want to run their business and let us run their website. I use lots of analogies to explain this like:

  • You wouldn't hire an account to handle your taxes, but tell them you'd like to handle 10% of the forms.
  • You wouldn't hire a plumber to replace your faucet, but tell them you'll handle hooking up the water lines.
  • You wouldn't have your house built, but tell the builder you'd like to be able to add windows and walls later.

But the simple truth is - we build websites that do exactly what you want them to do and we ensure they are structurally sound. If you need to be able to update your website, then we'll make that happen with the most appropriate tools while maintaining the integrity of the site. You're not a web developer and you don't know all of the requirements for building a website that is W3C compliant - and you shouldn't have to. That's our job. If you use a platform like WordPress that allows you to edit your website after it's built - you will break it. You'll do something that is not technically correct and, whether you know it or not, the perfect system you paid us to make you now has a crack in it.

Instead, our customers get free website updates included with their hosting. This lets us ensure that their website structure is maintained, their updates are done properly, and the customer can focus on their business.

We're here to be your website company, not just the company that made your website.

WordPress breaks websites. One update and that plug-in your developer used is broken. Another update and your theme is messed up. A new PHP version gets installed and now your site is an error page. A plugin that everyone loved has a bug and BAM - your site is hacked and turned into a Japanese Fish Market website. Do your own research, but below are a few screenshots to back up my opinion and at the end of the day - if you don't NEED WordPress (which I'd argue no one does), then why risk it? The first screenshot is from Hackernoon. He reinforces that STUFF BREAKS with WordPress. The second screenshot is a Google News search from today for 'wordpress security' which reveals many articles from this month about NEW SECURITY FLAWS in WordPress. The third one is funny because it is from Virtual Assistant and they make WordPress sites - their advice, purchase Website Insurance! Insurance for your website for when it breaks, for 'less than $100 a month.' You know what? Our hosting only costs $100 month - no insurance needed!

WordPress Review From HackerNoon
A Google Search Result For WordPress Security
Virtal Assistant suggests purchasing insurance to make sure your WordPress site doesn't break

The bottom line - we'll make a site that does what you want and need. And if you need to update portions of it, or want to blog reguarly, that's okay, but let's figure out exactly what you need and get that for you - not just use WordPress because everyone else is doing it.