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Search Engine Optimization

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Xponex specializes in helping search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo find your website.

With search engine optimization by Xponex, your website can be more easily found by people searching for your business, service or product. With the proper SEO, your website will rank higher and benefit from an increase in traffic and customers.

What Is SEO?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization is the process undertaken to make your website more visible to a search engine's "organic" unpaid results. Search engines deliver what they classify as the most relevant websites to the user based on their search terms. By using SEO techniques, we can increase the relevancy of your website, which allows it to rank higher and grow your business.

How SEO Works

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine how relevant a website is when searching for certain keywords or phrases. The search engine will return results according to certain metrics like relevance and popularity, and rank each website accordingly. By creating useful content, building links and implementing other SEO techniques, your website will appear higher in the search engine result pages (SERPs).


SEO is a complicated subject, and it can be hard to understand exactly how your website and/or business can benefit from all the different types of SEO services we offer. To get a better understanding of how your website performs, we offer a FREE website audit! A website audit can give you a glimpse into what kind of improvements your website could benefit from.

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Go Green

Our "GO GREEN" website optimization service can get your website up to speed to meet search engine algorithm expectations. We use best practices to get your website "green" across the board for metrics that search engines favor when crawling your site.


Gain Google's Favor

Google and other search engines use certain metrics like page load time and rendering speed in their ranking algorithms to determine how high in the search rankings your webpage will appear. Google and others also provide a host of tools like WebPageTest and PageSpeed Insights to give certain elements of your site a grade and color (green, yellow or red). Essentially, Google is providing you the tools to measure the things that they think are important for your website. If Google is providing a tool that its search algorithm uses, you want to make sure your website is hitting the metrics they favor.


A green score means you are meeting Google's algorithmic standards. With all other things being equal between you and your competition, your website being "GREEN" and theirs being orange, your website will appear higher in the rankings. If you receive a red or yellow test grade with these tools, your site needs further optimization. "GO GREEN" with Xponex today!

What the "GO GREEN" package includes:

  • Website Security Certificate (SSL)
  • Green Metrics Across WebPageTest
  • Green Metrics On PageSpeed Insights by Google
  • Green Metrics On

Comprehensive Digital Marketing Analysis

After our complimentary website audit, you may find that your website could benefit from our SEO services and expertise. We can offer a comprehensive digital marketing analysis to further understand how your business stacks up against your competition and where there is room to improve.

From this analysis we can develop a road map to optimize your website and its content and develop both on and off-page strategies to help bring you more business. This road map can be completed by our team of experienced developers or you can use the road map to do it with your inhouse staff.

Digital Marketing Analysis - Starting at $499


How We Can Improve Your SEO

Get to the top of the search engines!

  • Keyword Research

    Search engine optimization begins with keyword research. It’s important to know what keyword and phrase searches you want to show up in the results when searched for. If your business is selling toys, for example, then it’s important to optimize your website to use keywords that people who are looking to buy toys would use. Creating diverse keywords that get you quality customers and potential buyers is the name of the game. Xponex can help you determine what keywords and phrases are going to be the best to target through extensive keyword research.

  • Fresh Content

    One of the most important aspects of maintaining a good rank in the search results is to have fresh content being consistently created. This come in the form of blog posts, website updates, press releases or other methods. By creating new and relevant content, search engines will believe your website has more value. Xponex will help you create this important type of content on a regular basis and dprovide consulting services that will lead to more useful and fresh content.

  • Link Building

    Links are the building blocks of a well-optimized website. They are a key component in determining how beneficial and relevant a website may be. What’s more important is the quality of the links your website has. If your website is being linked to from websites that are considered untrustworthy, it can harm your rankings. Getting links from trusted and high-ranking websites adds value to your link profile. These links tell search engines that other trusted websites think you have some relevant value and in turn make your website rank higher. Xponex can help you find ways to build your link profile with these quality links.

  • Social Media Initiatives

    These days its imperative to be active on the top social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin, Pinterest and more. They offer a lot of marketing opportunities that businesses can leverage into sales. Xponex can help manage your social accounts and help promote your business through these channels or can consult you on the best practices for social media initiatives.

SEO by Xponex

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  • Xponex does not have any set SEO prices because every SEO project is different from the next. Every company's SEO needs differ and as such, we encourage you to contact us and set up a meeting time to discuss how we can help you.

    We can accomodate any budget and develop a plan on how to improve your website's search rankings.

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