Xponex provides an experienced marketing team to offer you premium marketing services. Whether on-domain (SEO) or off-domain (social media and digital advertising) or through traditional marketing means, (physical promotional materials, radio ads, etc...) Xponex can help you reach new customers and grow your brand.

Build Your Brand

Branding & Marketing Services

Xponex specializes in helping your company establish a brand - from a recognizable logo, slogan, and/or tagline - through every piece of marketing material that your logo appears on. Apparel, promotional products, business cards, brochures, billboards, TV commercials - we ensure your brand is properly represented no matter the medium.

Analytical Marketing

Analytics Based Marketing

We use analytics and strategy to build effective campaigns. Every plan, suggestion, and idea we provide is formed with relevant data in mind. Xponex looks at the big picture and doesn't focus on any one KPI (key performance indicator) - every business is different and so is its needs. We'll identify through research, analytics, and trial-and-error what we can do for YOUR business to help you reach your goal. Whether it is more sales, more leads, more brand recognition - we can find a solution for you.

CMO for Hire

Contract CMO / Marketing Director

Some businesses struggle with marketing because they do not have (and often cannot afford) a full time marketing team, marketing director, or Chief Marketing Officer. We can fill that gap for your business or organization at a fraction of the cost of having a CMO or marketing team on staff. Our experience and knowledge means you get the professional consultation you need to help make difficult marketing decisions. We work to establish a relationship with you and your team that feels more like we're your staff, not an outside agency. We can attend board meetings, events, and other functions as a representative of your company. We can execute your marketing strategy with our staff, your staff, or third-party vendors depending on the need.

Search Engines (SEO/SEM)

SEO Marketing with real results

Our search engine marketing and optimization focuses on getting you results that will help you achieve your ultimate goal. We aren't shy about giving advice that may defy conventional thinking - but we'll always backup our advice with our thought process and logic. At the end of the day - our goal is for YOU to be successful, achieve your goals, and expand your business. If we see easy wins that we can accomplish quickly, we will focus on those before trying to tackle larger projects that may require a serious investment from you. We have no desire to take your money if it doesn't make sense for your business.

Social Media

Managed social media

Whether you are managing one or one hundred social media accounts, generating and maintaining relationships takes time. Let Xponex manage your social media accounts. We will handle everything from posting content to liking posts and any other activity that organically grows your account.

Blogging / Content

Blogging and Content Creation

Our blogging strategy is simple: we look at your goals and help you choose the most effective blogging method. Every one of our blog posts is created with fresh content, built-in links, keywords and tags in order to boost your post's ranking on search engines like Google.