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Website Design

Custom Web Design

At Xponex, our flapship service is custom web design. We have been in the business of making websites for our clients since 1998. No matter your business or organization, we can provide website solutions. Our web designers have experience in building websites for schools, nonprofit organizations, tech companies, realtors, lawyers, transportation companies, large businesses, and government contractors. If your company or organization needs a website, Xponex can build you a site that is up-to-date with all of the current web standards coupled with the best in SEO practices.

Flexible Solutions

Xponex has worked on large and small web development projects since 1998. We have worked alongside businesses and organizations of all types and have the utmost confidence that we can build a website that meets your business or organizational needs. Once your website has been built, we can also site provide services, including web hosting, domain registration and email hosting, along with custom content creation and management.

Content Management

In addition to our web design and hosting services, we also provide content management solutions. A steady stream of content on your website is a vital part of staying near the top of the SEO rankings. If you don’t have the time to write and publish new content, Xponex will provide content management services and maintain social media accounts for you.

A Few Examples

Of Really Cool Stuff We've Done

  • Shipping Logistics

    When a national manufacturing plant needed a solution for checking-in, routing, and loading its trucks - they hired Xponex. We analyzed the situation and came up with a set of custom applications that allow truck drivers to annouce their arrival from their trucks and hhave a shipping coordinator verify their load information and send that back to the driver with instructions on where within the plant to go.

  • Sports Leagues

    Sports leagues need a way to quickly get information to players, parents, and spectators. We have worked with a veriety of adult and youth sports leagues to provide systems that allow for scheduling, news, and roster information to be updated by coachs quickly and sent to players and parents as soon as possible.

  • Home Inspections

    When working in the field, home inspectors need tools to document all aspects of a home. This documentation needs to include not only descriptions, but photos and rating systems that can allow for proper appraisal if needed. Xponex Media has developed several custom home inspection software applications that allow field agents to quickly get their work done, office personal to efficentially use reports for underwriting, and home owners to view reports and have piece of mind knowing the condition their home is in.

What Separates Us From The Rest

At Xponex Marketing, we don't just go blindly into a project and make a piece of software. We take the time to sit down with our clients and fully understand what problems they are having and what their goals are. By assessing their entire company we are able to identify the most cost effective solution to save the customer time, and money.

Adam Lewis

Vice President of Operations
Xponex Marketing

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