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Website SecurityHaving your website display as "Not secure" to your customers not only looks bad, but it should affect your search rankings. Search engines like Google have indicated repeatedly that secure websites will rank higher than non-secure sites.

Getting a security certicate (SSL) is only the start of making your website secure. Even with an SSL, your website might not be coded correctly to display only secure content, which will leave visitors seeing a warning.

We can help. We understand all of the details that go into properly securing a website.

Beyond Security Certificates

Website Security Goes Beyond Security Certificates

  • Malware

    If your website has ever been compromised (or "hacked") in the past, it is possible that it now hosts malware and is infecting your visitors. Often times, website owners don't even realize their website has malware until they are alerted by a customer who received a warning to not visit their website. Malware can affect search engine ranking, but most importantly, it almost always stops a customer from continuing on to your site.

  • Database Injection

    Commonly known as "SQL Injection" attacks, these types of attacks maliciously insert code into your database that can be difficult to find and clean. Some, however, don't insert code into your database, but use specialized code to retrieve data from your database. Either way, the end result is not something you want and you need ensure that your website is not vunerable to such attacks. Xponex can perform an analysis of any weak areas within your website as well as provide a course of action to fix these weak areas.

  • PCI Compliance

    If your website takes any type of payments online, you need to be PCI Compliant. Industry standards are very strict for how your website must operate and handle data in order to achieve compliancy and Xponex has helped hundreds of customers become and stay compliant.

    Failure to be PCI Compliant could cause you to pay higher credit card processing fees or could cause your processor to drop your account altogether.

  • Brute Force Hacking

    If your website has a login area where customers, members, or staff must login - it is vurnerable to brute force hacking attempts. Brute force hacking is simply the act of trying every combination of characters to find a username and password that works. While it may sound crazy, a 6-character password with only letters and numbers can be compromised in just a couple of minutes.

    We can help ensure that your website isn't vunerable to brute force or dictionary attacks with a wide variety of methods, depending on your exact needs.

Security by Xponex

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  • Security by Xponex
  • Whether you have questions about website security, PCI Compliance, Security Certificates, or database security, Xponex has experienced software and cyber security techs ready to provide insight.

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